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written about a custom brush variant for
Painter 7, Painter 8, Painter IX, and Painter X

by Jinny Brown  e-mail

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In August, 2003, one of our members at TutorAlley Forums posted a message asking how to create a Corel Painter brush variant that works the way the Bob Ross palette knife works. He showed us an example done in another program. What it amounted to, at least in terms of Painter, was a brush that skipped over Paper texture.  There were "holes" in the paint where the brushstroke skipped over texture as it would in traditional media over a rough canvas or varying levels of previously painted and dried thick paint.

That's what inspired me to create Jin's Skip Brush 04©.

I explained to to our TutorAlley Forums member that paint doesn't have to be smooth in Painter, it can be thick, skip over areas of the Paper texture ("bumps"), the brush can dry out sooner or later depending on user settings, and there's a whole lot more you can do to get effects similar to what he described.

That's the point in having Painter's brushes interact with Paper texture. Some do, some don't and those that don't can be made to interact with Paper.

That's also one of the advantages of having Impasto settings (thick paint).

The Jin's Skip Brush 04© custom brush variant is not set to paint Impasto, but it can be. In the demo below, I used several Papers to show how different the strokes can look. It's a Captured Dab variant but another brush variants for which the dab is not based on an image could also be made to work this way. In fact, the Dry Media variants (Painter 7) and the Chalk variants (Painter 8) interact with Paper texture and I based this variant on one of the Painter 7 Dry Media variants.

Here's the demo (remember, this is only one example of how one brush variant works with several Papers... there are hundreds more ways you can set up a brush variant.. probably thousands):


©1994 - 2007, Jinny Brown

April 26, 2004
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