This image has been in the works for years, since way back in my Painter 4 days. It began as a fairly simple colored sketch of a boy's head. I never did think how to make it better but decided to keep it until I got smarter. In the meantime, the Boy earned  himself a frame, for patience. Though this is not exactly what I had in mind, the treatment you see above is the result of a few minutes experimentation with a freeware plugin called PaintEngine that someone mentioned on the Painter list today (I think that's where it was). It works in Photoshop and other programs, so I thought it must work in Painter. Well it did! It's kind of fun and you can find it at (about halfway down the page where the image demos are blinking):

After applying the plugin, I did the following:

1. Used the Lasso tool to select the background, saving the Selection then adding to it as I went along (Select menu, Save Selection, New, then Select menu, Save Selection, chose New Mask 1 and clicked Add to Selection.)

2. In the Select menu, chose Load Selection, New Mask 1.

3. In the Effects menu, chose Surface Control, then Apply Surface Texture Using:Paper (Raw Silk scaled to 43%), Amount: 53%, all other settings at default.

4. With the Selection still active, in the Effects menu, chose Surface Control, then Apply Lighting and chose the lighting style named Plane Light

5. Copied and Pasted the "new Boy" into the frame and saved the file with a new name. (I'll get back to the "old Boy" one of these days).

Jinny Brown, February 3, 2001
last modified October 21, 2003
©1994 - 2001, Jin Brown

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