Corel Painter Demonstrations

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This page will be developed as time permits. In the meantime, here's a start:

Like many of you, there are times when I become so engrossed in what I'm doing with Corel Painter that taking notes just doesn't enter my mind. I do know better, but after all, sometimes we just need to relax and play without any distractions. After using Painter for 12 years, I can often piece together the process after the fact and then there are times when that's just not possible.  If you don't see a thorough explanation of how I did something, it could be due to the fact that I just don't remember enough, or it might be that I'm planning to sell a tutorial that covers the process or teach it in a class. When it's possible, or practical, I'll try to include at least a brief explanation with each demo image in this section of PixelAlley, if not on this page, below the larger version you'll see when you click these images.

A few textures painted with a some of my custom Papers and  custom brush variants.

Click the small image to the right to see a larger version and a what I'm able to recall about how it was done.

An attempt to reproduce something close to Craig Mullins' smoke as requested by another Painter user in one of the large graphics forum sites.

Click the small image to the right to see the full demonstration with information on the Painter brush variants and Paper textures used.

Imitate Mullins' Smoke
A Nozzle painting demo, the individual Nozzle's RIFF file Painter uses, and an explanation of how the Nozzle was created.

Then some brush strokes painted with four Pattern Pens variants, with transparency in the brush strokes.

Click the small image to the right to see the full demonstration.

Nozzle and Pattern Pen Transparency
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December 25, 2006
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