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Recently, I received an e-mail from someone who'd visited the PixelAlley Painter Demonstrations section and liked what she described as the crackled plaster or crackling paint look in the top demo image. She asked how I achieved that look. I believe the image on this page is the one she asked about.

My response:

I'm glad to hear you like that texture demo. I enjoyed doing it and like the results too. In fact, it's one of my favorites. Some days are good and that was one of them.

This is one of the (many) times when it would have been good to record a script of a Painter session or at least take some good notes. Truth be told, it would be next to impossible to reproduce those exact effects since I don't remember enough detail about what I did.

Here's what I do remember:

The textured area in the upper left of the image was from a custom Paper I made by painting with a brush variant that sprayed scraggly lines in all directions (something like the Pens' Nervous Pen does but on steroids). It was a variant I set up that day (and don't think I saved) that used Dab Type: Camel Hair and Stroke Type: Single, brush size about 120 to 150, Feature slider all the way to the right, Continuous Time Deposition box checked, and Jitter set to 4.00. Of course those aren't all of the settings for that brush variant but some of the main ones that make it behave the way it does. You'll need to play with the settings a while to get it workable.

I painted on a black Canvas with white as the Main Color, using Undo and trying again several times until I had the density of lines I wanted. Not too dense and still fairly evenly but loosely spread over the Canvas. I then applied Effects > Focus > Glass Distortion, Using: Paper to make the lines less straight and stiff. Can't remember which Paper was selected at the time but it was something with a fairly large and obvious texture, and uneven.

Next, I selected the entire Canvas, went to the Papers palette menu and chose Capture Paper, typed a name, and saved it as a new custom Paper. With that as the current Paper, I began painting on a new white Canvas with a brush variant that interacted with Paper texture.

That's about all I can remember and it's not nearly enough but maybe it'll help get you started doing something even more interesting.

Have fun (and take notes!) ;)

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December 25, 2006
last modified April 128, 2009