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How to Change the Text Size in
Painter IX and Painter X Help Topics
(with additional notes for Painter 7 through Painter 8.1)

Written by Jinny Brown

For use in WinXP Home though these instructions may
also work in other Windows versions and on Macs.


Is there a way to change the text size in Painter's Help Topics?


Yes, and it's easy, but you'll need to know it may affect the text size in other applications so you might want to only set this up while viewing Painter's Help Topics, then before exiting Help Topics, restore it to the normal text size view. For example, if I forget to restore the normal text size, when I launch McAfee Security Center, the text size is too large to fit properly.

Painter IX through IX.5 and Painter X through X.1

1. Launch Painter's Help Topics.

2. In the top left corner of the screen, choose Options > Internet Options.

3. In the Internet Options dialog box, click the General tab.

4. At the bottom right corner of the General tab, click the Accessibility button.

5. In the Accessibility dialog box, click in the check box to the left of Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages, then click the OK button twice, first to exit the Accessibility dialog box, then to exit the Internet Options dialog box.

Painter 7 through 7.1 and Painter 8 through Painter 8.1

Providing your OS and browser support this method, use Ctrl++ to increase or Ctrl+- to decrease the text size. Otherwise, use whatever other method your browser supports to increase or decrease text size.

© Jinny Brown
July 31, 2008