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Tips and Tutorials

Painting with Photos, by John Derry (PDF 417 KB)

Better brushstrokes with the Enhanced Brush Ghost, by Lori Kerfoot

Brightening eyes with the Dodge tool, by Alexia Naidoo

Painting with RealBristle™ Brushes, by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

The art of making "San Francisco Heart" with Corel Painter X, by Jeremy Sutton

Academic Courseware

Painter X Academic Courseware Main Page

Sketching and Painting, by Stepanie Reese, Part 1 (zip, 3 MB)

Painter IX Animation Courseware by Joyce Ryan
 - The downloads for Joyce Ryan's Animation courseware include a 108 page PDF file and excercise files for
Mac or Windows:

Animation PDF by Joyce Ryan: 12 MB
Mac Exercise files SIT file: 126 MB
Windows Exercise Files ZIP file: 126 MB

PSIservice.exe, What is it and Why?

On the Corel site, in the Knowledge Base:

What is PSIservices.exe?

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