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Written by Jinny Brown

Here it is, finally!

A special link I promised to add for Corey to the site were we can purchase and download Andrew Jones'
videos (Andrew Jones is aka "Android" in forums):

The video we talked about on the phone, Corey, is named:

Andrew Jones Fine Art Series, Volume 1

This video is so much fun to watch! You won't want to miss it and the price is more than right for 60+ minutes of watching, learning, and being both entertained and inspired.

The information below is updated periodically in an attempt to maintain a list of currently active and valuable forums, newsgroups, and e-mail lists around the Painter community.

After a long delay, the recent update and overhaul was done on June 19, 2007.

Generally speaking they offer:
  • accurate and useful information
  • valuable tips, techniques, and resources
  • courtesy, respect, and ethical behavior among members, site owners, administrators, moderators, staff, and those affiliated with the site
  • a generally peaceful, productive, and enjoyable atmosphere
On the best of them there's also a great effort made to:
  • support copyright law and respect for copyrights of other writers and artists
  • prohibit software piracy, requesting information regarding pirated software or where it can be found, or providing information as to where it can be found
Note that while none of us can take responsibility for what e-mail list owners and message board owners, administrators, and moderators allow on their lists/boards, or what members say and do, I try to encourage all of the above listed positive qualities and hope that you will too if you join. Thanks for helping to make the Painter community a fine example to newcomers and old timers of all ages and backgrounds.

Click the following target links to jump to link categories:

E-mail Lists

Current List of Painter Related E-mail Lists, Message Boards, and Newsgroups

NOTE: Some previously listed Painter e-mail lists and forums have been removed from this list due to lack of activity and/or lack of useful and accurate information. The ones remaining are, in my opinion, worth joining and should give you good exposure to Painter tips, techniques, and other Painter artists at all levels of experience, both professional and non-professional.


NEW! - The PainterFactory - Corel Painter Community Forums

Opened in Summer, 2007, formally announced by Corel in Fall, 2007.
Membership includes a wide range of artists, from beginners to expert professionals and all are friendly, talented, and generous sharing their Painter work, encouraging, and helping each other.

The PainterFactory includes:
  • Factory Wall area - Painter Masters and a couple of other artists' Galleries
  • Talk area - Blogs some of which include excellent tutorials and demonstrations (Scott McKissick's, John Derry's, and David Gells, for instance)
  • Painter Discussion area - Many forums and in a couple of these forums we can post:
  • Questions and problem reports in the Got a Question? forum, or
  • Make suggestions for enhancements to Corel Painter in the Suggestion Box forum

    Posts to these two forums are read by the Corel Painter Development Team and, when they have the time, the developers respond to our posts.
As of this writing, on April 18, 2008 at 11:45 pm Pacific, The PainterFactory membership consists of 769 users who have contributed to 789 threads and 940 posts, and new members are joining every day!
Site Designer: Steve Szoczei
Banner Art: Andrew Jones (aka "Android")
Moderator: yours truly, Jinny Brown

CGTalk Corel Painter Forum

Opened sometime in 2003 as I recall.
Membership includes 2D and 3D artists, many coming new to Painter from a Photoshop background. Some expert, most intermediate level, and many beginners, doing all kinds of artwork for gaming, concept art, and a variety of other art fields. Some long time Painter users, and highly talented artists in the membership.
No stats available for this forum.
Moderator: Lunatique (Robert Chang)
For all of the CGSociety forums, as of June 19, 2007:
Threads: 454,257, Posts: 4,121,095, Members: 283,528

ConceptArt.org Painter Forum

As with CGTalk Corel Painter Forum, members often come new to Painter from a Photoshop background, some expert, many intermediate and beginner level artists doing all kinds of artwork in a variety of art fields. There are also many long time Painter users and highly talented artists in the membership: professionals, non professionals, and students.
No stats available for this forum.
For all of the Conceptart.org forums, as of June 19, 2007:
Threads: 89,893, Posts: 1,295,612, Members: 78,861
Administrator: Jason Manley

Painter Forum at Renderosity.com

Archived messages available to read go back to February 11, 2001. At least that's the earliest message date I can find. Moderate activity but worth checking now and then. For the Renderosity Painter forum as of June 19, 2007:
Threads: 772, Posts: 3,739
Forum Coordinator: Irene Alora

TutorAlley Forums - Painter-focused - All-member Forums and
Private Forums for Teaching

Contact me if you'd like to know more.

PixelAlley's sister site, TutorAlley Forums. Launched in August, 2002.
Member forums currently include Announcements, Forum Information, Sticky Threads, Greetings and Introductions, Painter Discussions, Challenges, Work in Progress/Critiques, Corel Painter X, Sketch Book, Member Gallery - Completed Work, Painting and Drawing Tutorial Links, Links of Interest, Tip o' the Day, and private forums for classes or support for members who purchase tutorials. Membership includes expert, intermediate, and beginner level artists, professionals and hobbyists. TutorAlley Forums supports users of all full Painter versions Painter 5 through Painter X and "lite" versions, from Painter Classic 1 through Painter Essentials 3.
Admin and Owner: Jin
Moderator: bluepulse (Greg)

Innographx Painter Forum
Innographx forums: Photography, Art, Photo Art, Photo Retouching, Digital Manipulation, members at all levels from beginner to expert. Includes a Painter forum in the Software forum category. Moderate activity with some good posts and tutorials from John Derry. As of June 19, 2007:
Painter forum threads: 153, posts: 1019
All Innographx forums articles:
98610, registered users: 1059
Admin and Owner: Phyllis Stewart


Corel Painter Newsgroups

There are now three Corel Painter newsgroups f
or Painter technical questions, tips, and techniques. People from the Corel Painter Development Team sometimes read and post to the newsgroups using the name Imaging Dev.

To join (subscribe using your mail reader):

Add Server: cnews.corel.com

Subscribe to:
c.Painter (for all Painter versions pre-Painter IX)


Painter List

Well established over several yearsexpert Painter users, intermediate, and beginner level users. Topics limited to Painter tips and techniques. No attachments, no HTML e-mail allowed. Full description of list rules is available to read. This was, at one time, a very active and very valuable Painter list. It's been very quiet for quite a while now, but I'm including the Painter list here in honor of it's great contribution to the Painter community in earlier years and who knows? It may pick up again some day. As of June 19, 2007:
880 subscribers, average 3 posts a day 

List Admin: CHRIS KIM

PainterWorld List

Opened December 24, 1999, intermediate and beginner Painter users, some expert Painter users. Topics generally very open, Painter and art-related, sometimes philosophical. Members share tips, techniques, links to art and Painter resources, and to other sites of interest. No attachments allowed. Images can be uploaded to the Files area to share with other members. As of June 19, 2007:
1799 subscribers,
16448 posts
List owner: JUDY MILLER

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June 19, 2007
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