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Painter Patches and Updates
on the Corel FTP Server and Main Website

Written by Jinny Brown

Whatever we call them, patches or updates, it's good to know where we can download them even for older Painter versions we may still be using. Here's the current list of Painter patches and updates you'll find on the Corel FTP Server for Painter version patches/updates 4.0.3 through IX.5.

For the Painter IX 9.1 and IX.5 Updates, I've provided a link to the download page on the main Corel website since both Updates need to be installed in order and there's information there you should read before installing.

Painter 4.0.3 Update

Painter 5.0.3 Update

Painter 6.0.3 Patch

Painter 6.1 Update

Painter 7 Update (Version 7.1.357)

Painter 8.1 Update and Updated Corel Painter 8 User Guide

See Corel Website for Corel Painter IX 9.1 and IX.5 Updates

© Jinny Brown
June 11, 2007