The lettering in the image above was done using PAINTER 6.0.1, and is the first product of the new version, which arrived on my doorstep one day after the "The News" that Metacreations plans to sell all of its Graphics Software and move on to other pursuits.

We pray that all of these products will find a good home quickly and receive the care and nurturing they richly deserve. 

More important, the community of Painter users keeps the Painter development team, and all of the 100 employees who have lost their jobs just days before Christmas, in our thoughts. We wish them the very best and hope they'll not be far from us for long.

In an e-mail (Sunday, December 19, 1999) from John Derry, Painter author: 

"I keep getting e-mail that indicates people think that I received a pink slip. This is incorrect. I am still a Meta employee. Meta is doing it's best to retain all of the key developers associated with the various products in order to potentially include them as part of any "deal" with regard to the various product's potential sales. I am optimistic that all of the Meta products will find new homes that will ensure their continued growth. However, this will take some time and folks will just have to be patient in the interim."

This website is opened earlier than I'd planned so that I can join the many Painter, Bryce, and Poser users in expressing my feelings of deep appreciation for this amazing software and help to show the world what can be done with it. 

My small contribution is hardly the most impressive to be found from the community of artists.  It is, nonetheless, from a passionate and devoted Painter lover and user.  The few Bryce and Poser images on these pages will clearly show that I've only begun to learn these applications.

On the following pages you'll see images created in Painter and some of its "siblings" over several years. Included in the collection are some done with other software, as you'll see.

Whatever happens, we will continue to use and enjoy these products and supply technical support to each other. The Painter list, the Bryce list, and others have a most generous membership and the Painter development team has been invited to join us as often as they wish. They will always be welcome.

The original PixelAlley site was launched in October 1999, then opened to the public in December 1999, or so it appears, reading this page again (published in December 1999) after all these years.

This page was last modified for the new PixelAlley site on December 10, 2006, seven years later, and thanks to the good people at Corel who love Painter as much as we do, and the original Painter developers,

Corel Painter has had a Safe Journey, and an exciting one too!

A heart felt thank you, and a very Merry Christmas to one and all!

© 1999 - 2007, Jinny Brown

December 10, 2006
last modified January 16, 2007