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How to Reorder Brush Categories Alphabetically

Written for Painter X and Painter X.1  by Jinny Brown


How can I get my brush categories in alphabetical order?


1. Go to Window > Workspace > Customize Workspace.

2. From the Workspace drop down list at the top left corner of the dialog box, choose the Workspace where you want to reorder the brush categories.

In the left panel, click the plus sign to the left of Brushes.

4. In the left panel, click appropriate brush library name to expand the list of brush categories.

5. In the right panel, one by one, click and drag the brush category names up and/or down to reorder them in alphabetical order.

6. Click the Done button to close the Customize Workspace dialog box. Now, when you have that brush library loaded, in the Brush Selector, you'll see the list of brush categories are in alphabetical order.

© Jinny Brown
August 27, 2007