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Can't Open File "Painter Papers.papers"
in Painter X

Written by Jinny Brown


What does this mean, and what can I do about it?

I tried to launch Painter X and got an error message saying the Painter Papers.papers file can't be opened.

When I clicked the OK button, I got another error message, saying the preferred paper library, Painter Papers.papers could not be opened.

I clicked the OK button again and Painter X crashed.


It sounds like the Painter Papers.papers file is corrupted.

1. If you can remember the name of the Workspace you were using the last time you closed Painter X, make a note of that Workspace's name. If you haven't created any custom Workspaces, it would be named Default.

2. Go to the Corel Painter X application/program folder, then open the Resources folder and copy the Painter Papers.papers file.

3. Go to your Painter X User folder, then open the appropriate Workspace folder and paste the copied Painter Papers.papers file to replace the corrupted Painter Papers.papers file.

4. Now launch Painter X and see if that fixed the problem.

© Jinny Brown
May 1, 2007