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Can't Open File "Painter Settings"
in Painter X

Written by Jinny Brown


I can't launch Painter X after getting the error message, "Can't Open the file, "Painter Settings." Please tell me how I can fix this.


If you have custom Workspaces, you'll need to know which Workspace was loaded when you got the error message saying the Painter Settings file could not be opened.

The Painter Settings file appears in each Painter X User folder's Workspace folder. In each Workspace folder, the Painter Settings file may be a different size indicating some of them hold more custom preferences and custom settings than other Painter Settings files located in other Workspace folders.

When you get that error message, go to the appropriate Workspace folder, and delete the Painter Settings file in that Workspace folder only.

The Painter Settings files in other Workspace folders may not be corrupted so there's no need to delete them unless, after working in one of the other Workspaces, you close Painter X, then relaunch Painter X and get the error message again.

In other words, don't delete any Painter Settings file unless you know it's corrupted.

Here are the paths to the Workspace folders for Mac and Windows:

Mac - Users > [User Name] > Library > Application Support > Corel > Painter X > [Workspace Name]

Windows - Documents and Settings > [User Name] > Application Data > Corel > Painter X > [Workspace Name]

Once the corrupted Painter Settings file is deleted, when you launch Painter X the next time, Painter X will automatically generate a new Painter Settings file. You'll lose any custom preferences and other custom settings that were in the corrupted Painter Settings file so you'll need to reset those custom preferences and other custom settings.


Can you please tell me how I can find the Painter Settings file? I've searched for it and can't find it.


If you're a Windows XP user,
it sounds like your User folder contents are hidden.

To fix that, do the following:

1. In Windows Explorer, highlight the Documents and Settings folder.

2. In the Tools menu, choose Folder Options.

3. In the Folder Options dialog box, click the View tab.

4. In the Advanced Settings panel, under Hidden files and folders, check the Show hidden files and folders radio button.

5. Click the OK button to close the Folder Options dialog box.

Now you should be able to follow the instructions above (also see the path to your User folder's Workspace folder(s) ) to find and delete the corrupted Painter Settings file.

© Jinny Brown
May 27, 2008