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How to Convert an Image to Black and White
to Check Values

Written by Jinny Brown


How can I convert an RGB (or CMYK) image to B/W to check values?


Corel Painter only works in RGB so there's no CMYK or true greyscale available. However, you can convert the image to Greyscale in Photoshop if you need to.

Here are a couple of ways you can simulate greyscale in Corel Painter, using a Clone of your working image. See the original image below.

In Painter IX.5, Painter X, and Painter X.1:

1. Use File > Clone.

2. With the Clone active, use Window > Show Underpainting.

3. In the Underpainting palette's Style drop down list (Painter IX.5) or the Underpainting palette's Photo Enhance drop down list (Painter X and X.1), choose Black and White. If you want to keep the Clone image in "greyscale", click the Apply button. See the result below:

In Painter IX, IX 9.1 and IX.5; in Painter X and X.1; and in earlier Painter versions:

1. Use File > Clone.

2. With the Clone active, use Effects > Tonal Control > Adjust Colors.

3. Move the Saturation slider all the way to the left.

4. Click the OK button. See the result below:

After changing the image to "greyscale" using the two methods above in Corel Painter, I made two Color Sets from the resulting images and in both cases, the Color Sets contained 60 colors ranging from black to white:

The result when changing the Mode to Greyscale in Photoshop 7:

If you want to avoid going back and forth between Corel Painter and Photoshop just to check values, I think the methods suggested above for Corel Painter should do the trick
. You'll need to test the methods yourself as this example image has a limited number of values and using your images, the results may be different.

© Jinny Brown
September 6, 2007