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How to Enlarge the Layers Palette

Written by Jinny Brown


How can I enlarge the Layers palette?


The following instructions work in Painter 8, Painter IX, and Painter X:

1. Click and hold in a blank area of the Layers palette name bar, then drag the Layers palette out of the group of docked palettes.

2. In the lower right corner of the Layers palette, click and drag down to the right to enlarge the Layers palette.

3. Before returning the Layers palette to the docked group, be sure to first hold your cursor over the "line" between the bottom row of icons and the inside of the palette where the Layers are listed (Painter 8 and Painter IX - it may take a few tries before you find the right position for the cursor) or, in Painter X, hold your cursor over that "line" until the cursor changes to a horizontal line with up and down arrows in the center. Then click and drag upward until the Layers palette is at its minimum height.

If you don't do this first, when you return the Layers palette to the docked group, you may find the icons at the bottom of the palette aren't visible.

You may also need to click and drag the lower right corner of the Layers palette up and to the left to return it to its minimum width, unless you use Window > Arrange Palettes and chose one of your saved palette layout names to restore all palettes to their origiinal positions.

© Jinny Brown
August 21, 2007