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How to Use the Gradient Palette Menu Command
Express in Image

Written by Jinny Brown


When I apply the Gradient palette menu command, Express in Image to a blank white Canvas, why do I get only a single color? I've also tried using the Paint Bucket to fill the Canvas with a Gradient.


Using the Gradient palette's Express in Image command gives you a result quite different from filling the image with a Gradient (using either the Paint Bucket tool or Effects > Fill [Ctrl/Command+F], Using: Gradient).

This command needs imagery to work with, thus the single overall color when you apply it to a blank Canvas. Moving the Express in Image Bias slider only changes the single color.

Result when using Express in Image on a blank white Canvas:

This image is copyrighted by the owner

Imagery Example:

This image is copyrighted by the owner

Result when applying Express in Image to imagery:

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© Jinny Brown
September 21, 2007