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Customize a Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle
Flip Canvas Horizontal and
Flip Canvas Vertical

Written for Corel Painter IX.5 and Corel Painter X by Jinny Brown


How can I flip the Canvas horizontally, then return the Canvas to its original orientation using keyboard shortcuts?


In Painter IX (IX 9.1 and IX.5) and Painter X, we can customize our keyboard shortcuts.

Windows - Edit > Preferences > Customize Keys

Mac - Painter IX > Preferences > Customize Keys (In Painter X Mac, I'm not sure if it's Painter X > Preferences > Customize Keys, but you'll find it if you look)

When the Customize Keys Preferences dialog box opens, under Shortcuts, choose Application Menus.
  • Click the + sign (plus sign) to the left of Canvas, then click the + sign next to Rotate Canvas to display the lists of menu commands.
  • Highlight Flip Canvas Horizontal and type your customized keyboard shortcut. Remember to check below that panel to make sure you're not told that keyboard short is already assigned to another command. If it is, you'll see a message telling you it's already assigned. In that case, try another keyboard shortcut until you find one that's available to use.
  • Click the OK button to close the Preferences dialog box.
In Windows, I used the following customized keyboard shortcuts:
  • Flip Canvas Horizontal - Ctrl+Alt+H
  • Flip Canvas Vertical - Ctrl+Alt+V
For Mac users, they should be:
  • Flip Canvas Horizontal - Command+Option+H
  • Flip Canvas Vertical - Command +Option+V

© 2007, Jinny Brown
February 19, 2007