Tips and Tutorials

How to Get Started Using Corel Painter's Brushes
to Create Paintings and Other Art

Written by Jinny Brown


Where can I find Painter tutorials and guides to help me get started? I've seen some great digital painting but I'm not really sure where to start with Painter's brush variants and working with "paint".


1. Open a new white Canvas and test each brush variant in each brush category from the top of the brush category list to the bottom.

2. Use several Canvases, at least one for each brush category and save them in a numbered series of files, including the brush category name in the file name, so you can refer to them later.

3. Make notes when you find something you like.

4. Make notes when you have questions.

5. Make Painter's Help Topics your friend and refer to it often, spend time reading a little each day, and bookmark pages you'll want to refer to later using the Favorites tab. Especially useful for understanding and using Painter's brush categories and brush variants are the following chapters found listed on the Contents tab:
  • Textures, Patterns, and Weaves (especially: first, Textures since many brush variants interact with Paper textures, and second, Patterns since many brush functions employ the use of Patterns or the currently selected Clone Source image)
  • Painting
  • Working with the RealBristle Brushes (if you're using Painter X)
  • Watercolor (if you're going to use the Watercolor brush category and/or the Digital Watercolor brush category)
  • Liquid Ink (if you're going to use this brush category)
  • Impasto
  • Customizing Brushes
6. Read the following tutorial on my PixelAlley site so when you ask questions you'll be able to provide enough information so people can help you:
How to Ask Corel Painter Questions in Forums Around the Painter Community
7. On the PixelAlley home page, right column, you'll find links to Painter IX (IX.1 and IX.5) and Painter X (X.1) tutorials in the section named New Tips and Tutorials by Jinny. I add to this section frequently so check back often to see what's new.

8. Also on the PixelAlley home page, right column, you'll find links to two pages containing links to the Painter IX and Painter X The Painter Canvas newsletter issues.
  • The Painter IX page contains links to issues of The Painter Canvas from October 2004 through January 2007.
  • The Painter X page contains links to The Painter Canvas issues from February 2007 through July 2007.
The Painter Canvas issues contain many great tips and tutorials, each written in a way that new Painter users should find easy to follow and helpful when learning the software.

9. On the PixelAlley home page, left column, you'll find links to lots of other information and resources, including among other things:
  • Links to the forums, newsgroups, and e-mail lists I find currently to be the most useful in the Painter community
  • Custom brushes you can download and use.
Most of that information can be applied to the more current version of Corel Painter that you're using. If not, you can always ask when something isn't easy to understand.

Again, I add new things to PixelAlley frequently, so bookmark the site and check back frequently. The URL is at the top and bottom of this page and always below my signature in forums, newsgroups, and e-mail lists.

© Jinny Brown
August 15, 2007