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Gradient Canvas Instead of Single Color Canvas,
a Template

Written by Jinny Brown


Is there a way to open a new gradient Canvas instead of a single color Canvas?


I don't think there's a way to open a new Canvas with the Canvas a gradient instead of a solid color.

You might try this, though:

1. Open a new Canvas using the dimensions and Resolution (PPI, or pixels per inch) you want.

2. Choose the Main Color and Additional Color.

3. Choose the Two-Point Gradient.

4. Fill the Canvas with the Two-Point Gradient.

5. Save the image as a RIFF file template (using an appropriately descriptive file name) in the following Corel Painter X application/program folder:

Corel Painter X > Support Files > Templates

6. Close the file.

7. Use one of the following methods to open your gradient filled Canvas template:

  • Use File > New and navigate to the Templates folder, highlight the gradient filled Canvas template file, then click the Open button.
  • If you normally open Painter X with the Welcome Screen displayed, on the first tab, right side, below "Open a template....", choose the name of your saved gradient image from the drop down list. 

© Jinny Brown
April 2, 2007