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Impasto's Grain Emboss Variant, and How to Know
When a Brush Variant Will Interact with Paper Texture

Written for Corel Painter X by Jinny Brown

In a discussion in one of the Painter related forums recently, the subject of Paper texture appearing in brush strokes made using the Impasto's Grain Emboss variant led to my posting the following.


You probably know this already, but to make it clear to others who aren't so familiar with Painter's brush categories and brush variants:

The Impasto brush category contains 44 brush variants. Each of these brush variants works in its own unique way, except when we see the same brush variant name with a different number beside it indicating the brush size. At a glance, I see three unique brush variants, each in three different sizes.

Any time you see the words "Grain" or "Grainy", it's a clue the brush variant will interact with the currently selected Paper texture. In the Brush Controls' General palette, if the Subcategory name contains the word Grainy, that brush variant will interact with Paper texture. Also, most of the time, if a brush variant interacts with Paper texture, you'll see the Grain slider on the Property Bar.

Back to Impasto variants: Not all of these brush variants interact with Paper texture. In fact, there's only one that interacts with Paper texture, Grain Emboss.

You'll get very different results depending on both the currently selected Paper and any brush control adjustments you make in the Brush Controls' Impasto palette.

This demo was done quickly with the Impasto's Grain Emboss variant and the texture effect is stronger than it would be if I'd taken time to adjust the Impasto controls a bit. Still, it'll show you the wide differences we get depending on the Papers we choose.

If you bought the full, boxed Painter X version, you'll find (at rough count) 23 more Papers libraries on the CD, in the Extras > Paper Textures folder.

© Jinny Brown
December 10, 2007