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How to Blend Impasto Depth or Color, or Both

Written by Jinny Brown


How can I blend Impasto texture? The Blenders' variants only blend color.


You're right about the Blenders' variants only blending color as that's what they're intended to do.

If you want to alter Impasto depth, or both depth and color (for brush variants from any brush category that use Impasto depth and lighting), there are a few variants in the Impasto category to use, depending on the effect you want:
  • Depth Color Eraser (erases both Impasto depth and color)
  • Depth Equalizer (flattens, or erases, Impasto depth and does not affect color)
  • Depth Eraser (uses negative depth and digs a "trench" as you paint back and forth to "erase" Impasto depth)
  • Depth Lofter (raises the area where you paint)
  • Depth Rake (uses negative depth and paints thin "rake lines")
  • Depth Smear (smears both color and depth leaving the area smoother with adjacent colors somewhat blended)
  • Distorto Impasto (paints a line with surrounding color dragged along the sides of the line into other colors or onto the white Canvas)
The best way to see how these Impasto variants work is to open a new white Canvas, paint some Impasto brush strokes using something like the Thick Round Impasto 30, then test each of them to see how they affect the existing Thick Round Impasto 30 brush strokes' Impasto depth or color, or both.

© Jinny Brown
June 8, 2007