Check Your Painting for Tonal Variety and Contrast

Since it's sometimes hard to see them in color, a quick and easy way to see the tonal variety and contrasts in your painting is to:

1. Use File > Clone to make a flattened copy of your painting.

2. Use Effects > Tonal Control > Adjust Colors.

3. In the Adjust Colors dialog box, move the Saturation slider all the way to the left to desaturate and make the painting "greyscale" (Painter only works in RGB color so it has no true greyscale).

4. Compare the desaturated Clone with your painting, to see where you can enhance light and dark areas to provide depth and to draw the viewer's eye around the painting to the areas you want to be seen as important.

Also see the tutorial named Flip Your Painting Horizontally to Check Composition
for another quick and easy method.

© 2007, Jinny Brown

January 30, 2007
last modified February 10, 2007