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How to Quickly Activate the Free Transform
Command to Transform a Layer

(References to Preferences > Customize Keys apply to
Painter IX and Painter X only.)

Written  by Jinny Brown


How can I resize an image that's been added to another image as a Layer?


First you'll need to activate the Free Transform command. If you've been told to right-click the Layer to access the contextual menu containing the Free Transform command, you may (understandably) think you need to go to the Layers palette and right-click the Layer. While that will display a contextual menu containing some commands related to Layers, it doesn't contain the Free Transform command which is used for other items as well as Layers. Consequently, you may think the command is not "there" (in a contextual menu).

Below are several options you can choose from to access and activate the Free Transform command.

Option One

The Free Transform command is
actually "there" (in Painter) but not "there" where you thought you needed to look. To access this command, you'll need to understand which tool needs to be active and where to click.

To open the contextual menu that contains the Free Transform command, so you can transform a Layer:

1. Activate the Layer Adjuster tool.

2. In the Layers palette, highlight the Layer you want to transform.

3. In the image, right-click and choose Free Transform from the contextual menu.

Option Two

If you prefer to use a keyboard shortcut, the default keyboard shortcut for the Effects > Orientation > Free Transform command is (not listed in Help Topics but listed in Preferences > Customize Keys > Default Key Set):
  • Mac - Command+Option+T
  • Windows - Ctrl+Alt+T

Option Three

In Painter IX > Preferences > Customize Keys (Mac) or Edit > Preferences > Customize Keys (Windows) you can change that keyboard shortcut to whatever you want (as long as what you want isn't already being used for another menu command).

Option Four

You can add the Free Transform command button to a Custom Palette:

1. Use Window > Custom Palettes > Add Command.

2. In the Add Command dialog box, accept New or choose the name of an existing Custom Palette from the Add to: drop down list.

3. With the Add Command dialog box still open, go to Effects > Orientation and click the Free Transform command in the fly out menu.

4. Click the OK button to close the Add Command dialog box. Now you have the Free Transform command button in your Custom Palette and all you need to do is click that button to activate Free Transform.

Happy Layer Transforming!

© Jinny Brown
August 3, 2007