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How to See Cursors, Selections, and Transform Controls
when Working on a 50% Grey Canvas or Layer

Written by Jinny Brown


I'm having trouble seeing cursors, selections, and Transform controls when I work on a 50% grey Canvas or Layer. How can I fix this?


Try this:

1. Create a New Layer above the Canvas or other Layer that's 50% grey.

2. Choose a new color, like bright orange as your Main Color.

3. With the New Layer highlighted in the Layers palette, use Ctrl+F, Using: Current Color (Windows) or Command+F, Using: Current Color (Mac) to fill the New Layer.

4. Change the New Layer's Composite Method to Colorize. Now you should be able to see your selections when working on the 50% grey Canvas or Layer.

5. When you don't need the Colorize Composite Method Layer anymore, you can either close it's Eye icon to make it invisible or just delete it.

© Jinny Brown
May 11, 2008