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Skin Tones/Flesh Tones

Written by Jinny Brown


How can I find life-like skin tones in Corel Painter?


I don't know if this will help, but installed with Painter X is a folder containing extra Color Sets. One of them is named Flesh Tones.colors. It's located in the following Painter X application/program folder (and is probably available in earlier Painter versions' Color Sets folders):

Painter X > Support Files > Color Sets

Also, a couple of tutorials by Ron Lemen:

Skin Tones Part 1

Skin Tones Part 1, Painting Heads


Bruce Beard's Hair and Skin Color Charts at RetouchPro

six-page thread on the subject of Skin Tones with lots of good information and demonstrations:

WetCanvas! Portraiture > Portrait Classroom

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Tutorials and color charts credit go to Ron Lemon, Bruce Beard, LacyLew, and others in the Wet Canvas Portraiture Forum's Skin Tones Portrait Classroom thread.

April 6, 2007

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