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Stroke Display in the Brush Selector Bar's Brush Variant List
and on the Brush Creator, Stroke Designer Tab

Written by Jinny Brown


After viewing information on the newly released Painter Essentials 4 software, one full version Corel Painter user commented that she'd like to see the stroke view Painter Essentials 4 offers included in upcoming full Corel Painter versions.


Since Painter 8 was released or at least with the Painter 8.1 Update, we've had the option to display brush variants in List, Thumbnails, or Stroke view:


In the Brush Creator, Stroke Designer tab, the brush stroke is always displayed in the bottom left corner, larger than the Stroke view in the Brush Selector Bar's brush variant list, and using the current color, or color saved with the brush stroke. Here I've selected the Sumi-e's Thick Blossom Sumi-e variant in its default state:


If we make a brush control adjustment, that change is reflected in the Stroke Designer stroke display. Here, I've used the Thick Blossom Sumi-e variant and adjusted the Jitter slider to 1.25:


So, we've had the option to view our brush strokes in two places for quite a while, in several Painter versions:

Painter 8 and Painter 8.1

Painter IX, Painter IX 9.1, and Painter X.5

Painter X and Painter X.1

© Jinny Brown
September 30, 2007