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Small Scripts to Make Corel Painter Life Easier

Written by Jinny Brown

Script 1: Select, Copy, Deselect

Tonight, while attempting to help another Painter artist solve a problem, I recorded a script to make a small rectangular selection on the Canvas, copy it, then clear the selection. The point was to quickly clear the previous screen print or copy from Painter's internal clipboard if Painter began to balk and started pasting the previous screen print instead of the most recent screen print or copied item.

I'm not sure we solved the problem (yet), but thought it might be useful to share this method of clearing Painter's private clipboard when we've made a large selection, and maybe free up a little memory in the process.

I'd be happy to share my script with you but it might not run properly if you're using a different Painter version or have Painter set up differently from my setup.

Instead, I'll show you how to do it yourself!

Here's how to record the script... easy.. and it only takes a minute or so:

1. In the Scripts palette menu, choose Record Script.

2. In the Layers palette, highlight Canvas.

3. Click the R key to activate the Rectangular Selection tool.

4. Drag to make a small rectangular selection on the Canvas.

5. Use Ctrl/Command+C to copy the selection.

6. Use Ctrl/Command+D to clear the selection.

7. In the Scripts palette menu, choose Stop Recording Script and give it a descriptive name.

8. Drag the script icon into a Custom Palette. If you don't already have a Custom Palette to drag the script icon into, just drag it onto the Painter screen and a new Custom Palette will automatically be created.

Now, with your script icon in a Custom Palette, it'll take a single click on the icon to make the small selection, copy it, and deselect the selection.



More to come soon!

© Jinny Brown
February 26, 2007