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How to Make a Vanishing Brush Selector Bar
Display Again Where it Should Be

Written by Jinny Brown


My Brush Selector Bar has disappeared. How can I make it display where it should again?

Another person suggested the following solution:

Use Window > Workspace > Default to reset the default (as installed) Workspace.

Response to both the original question and the suggestion by another person:

It shouldn't be necessary to load the Default Workspace to make your Brush Selector Bar appear.

Just use Window > Arrange Palettes > Default and the Brush Selector Bar should appear where it was when Painter was installed.

If you ever decide to reset the Workspace to the Default Workspace (or to another custom Workspace), and want to have your Custom Palettes appear in that Workspace, see the tutorial named:

© Jinny Brown
September 27, 2007
last modified May 11, 2008