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1st Painter 7 Custom Brush Variant
by Jinny Brown  e-mail

copyright 1994 - 2001, Jinny Brown

written about Painter 7
This message was first posted to the Painter Forum at In Depth Discussions. Maybe you'll enjoy playing with my first Painter 7 custom Brush variant and come up with something terrific. Or.. maybe you'll make the brush better by experimenting with the Painter 7 Brush Controls. This is another opportunity to play with the new Water controls.. currently mystifying.. but I am sure "learnable" with enough time and practice... and reading the documention available in the Painter 7 User Guide (forget its recommendation to use Wet Fringe slider.. it ain't there!), browser-based searchable Help Topics, and the great information John Derry has supplied us in his "A Visual Guide to Corel Painter 7 Water Color" available for download on a page linked from my Tutorials section's main page (click the link at the top of this page to get there).

 On 8/30/01 at 7:59:49 am:

"As usual, the best things happen when I forget everything and just play.. well it's almost like that.

Last night, someone on the alt.fractal-design.painter newsgroup asked if anyone knew how to get that lovely pooling effect we see at the edges of a Painter 6 Water Color stroke. Off I went in hopes of finding an answer (she'd said the Painter 7 User Guide instructs us to, in the Water section, "Adjust the Wet Fringe slider"... and there isn't one in Painter 7). 

She was right, it does and there isn't. 

After fiddling around with the Water section sliders for a few minutes, it seemed that I'd come as close as I was going to come for quite some time so I wrote back to share a brush that at least pools when painting over existing paint. 

That done, it seemed a good time to continue playing. Here's what happened:

The looping brush strokes with square shapes at the ends were done by painting the curve then scribbling in one spot a little. It was so fun watching the paint dry. (I'm not kidding.)

The two more complex shapes at the bottom were done by first scribbling with the Lasso tool, then painting over the selection. Both selections are saved and I'm going to try converting them to Shapes, scaling them up, converting them back to Selections, then painting again to see what happens at a larger size (will probably need to use a much larger brush and plan to drink a pot of coffee while waiting for it all to dry). 

If you'd like to try the brush, the XML file and brush library icon JPG file are available for download (Zip file):

Jin's 1st Brush

If anyone can make this available for Mac it would be great because I don't know if Mac users can open Zip files. 

(I hope this works) That's what I said then.. later Paulo told me it did so here goes:

In the Painter 7/Brushes folder, create a new folder and name it whatever you want. Put the brush library icon JPG file inside that folder. Then, still inside your new folder, make another folder and name it Jins-1st-Brush (the brush library JPG icon file and this folder have to have the same name) and place the XML file inside it. The structure will look like this:

Painter 7

  • Brushes 
    • Your new folder with whatever name you want
      • Jins-1st-Brush (folder inside your new folder)
        • XML brush file (inside Jins-1st-Brush folder)
      • Jins-1st-Brush.jpg (brush library JPG icon file at same level as Jins-1st-Brush folder)
Launch Painter and at the bottom of the brush category list, click Load Library then highlight Jins-1st-Brush and click the OK button to load the library. If you have any trouble, read the Help pages or better yet, ask someone who's done this more than once. Good luck.

Jin (keeping her fingers crossed)

Paulo??? Are these instructions right? Even if you don't want the brush, would someone (maybe Paulo?) be kind enough to test the download and installation to see if it works the way I explained? I would be most grateful if you can do that for me.

Thanks in advance.

(Paulo tested the download and said it worked just fine.)

P.S. Well folks, don't know if you'll think this was "the best thing" but it was a lot of fun for me and I'm still experimenting with it. Maybe "the best thing" is just to plunge in like Paulo did. (Thanks, Paulo for getting me going.)

Jinny Brown"

Jinny Brown, September 3, 2001

©1994 - 2001, Jinny Brown

All Corel Painter screen prints on these pages are used with permission from Corel Corporation.

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