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Today, August 31, 2001, Corel Painter Developer John Derry has very generously given his permission to make his Painter 7 Visual Guides available for download. 

Be sure to read the messages from John below both the Liquid Ink and Water Color Visual Guide links as they contain some extra neat information. 

Here they are... and thank you John...

Happy Reading and Painting!

A Visual Guide to Corel Painter 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
by John Derry 5/25/2001
PDF - 261 kb

A Visual Guide to Corel Painter 7 Liquid Ink
by John Derry 5/16/2001
PDF - 764 kb

Hi Jinny:

Since I'm sending you all of my Visual Guides, here's the Liquid Ink one (see attached).

You can make it available, as well.

An important feature of Liquid Ink that I don't believe is mentioned in the Guide is that it is "vector-like"; that is, you can re-scale a Liquid Ink image up to a higher resolution and it will re-render with crisp, anti-aliased edges.


A Visual Guide to Corel Painter 7 Water Color
by John Derry 4/13/2001
PDF - 1,062 kb

Hi Jinny:

Attached is (gulp!) 1 Mb PDF file, "Visual Guide to Painter 7 Watercolor". I created this as we were finishing up development on the new Watercolor Layer. This may be helpful in deciphering some of the Watercolor Layer's functionality.

Please note that is does _not_ describe how to create watercolors. It is crucial to understand that the old Watercolor effect in Painter was necessarily simplistic due to the then-available computing bandwidth.

I can understand that some users have become expert with this artificial tool and mourn the loss of some of its primitive functionality. However, one of the most requested features since Painter 6 was improvement with respect to watercolor. Users wanted multiple layers, and perhaps more importantly, "more realistic" 
watercolors. Painter 7 delivers this. To do this, the simplistic model had to be necessarily discarded. In its place is an extremely realistic physical model simulation of watercolor.

As a result, the simplistic techniques associated with the simplistic model largely no longer apply. To exploit Painter 7's Watercolor Layer, a fundamental knowledge of real watercolor is required. And,as many artists know, watercolor is a sometimes difficult medium to fully master. That will be true of Painter 7's Watercolor Layer, as well.

Painter has always striven to faithfully simulate traditional art media, and in the case of the Watercolor Layer, I believe it does so extremely well. Users may have lost the "instant gratification factor" of the old Watercolor, but they have gained a very rich 
digital medium based upon a well respected traditional one. For their efforts to explore and master it, they will end up with much more interesting and visually satisfying piece of art.

You may make this PDF file available for download to users if you wish. Just be advised that I cannot attempt to answer any questions that may arise. As you may know, I hired Cher Pendarvis to produce the Watercolor Variants for P7.

She, as a traditional watercolorist, is imminently more qualified than I to answer watercolor media-specific questions. Of course, she is pretty busy working on the Wow! book update, so her available time is compromised. I would advise anyone wanting to tackle the new Watercolor Layer to get their hands on a good introductory watercolor media technique book (and there are _many_ of them out there).

I hope that this information will help P7 users get excited about the new Watercolor Layer and start learning more about the time-honored medium.


Jinny Brown, August 31, 2001

©1994 - 2001, Jinny Brown

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