Painter 7 Tutorials - A Beginning
by Jinny Brown and Friends e-mail

As with Painter 5 and Painter 6 Tutorials, this list will no doubt grow as we grow in our knowledge of this exciting and challenging new version, Corel Painter 7. If you find someting that needs improving (and certainly there will be some), don't feel shy about letting me know. My e-mail address is all over this page and all over PixelAlley so it shouldn't be hard to reach me. Thanks, and I hope you'll enjoy what gets published here. To find Painter 5 and Painter 6 tutorials, click the link named Tutorials at the top and bottom of this page. You'll also find at bottom of that page, a list of my favorite PAINTER-RELATED E-MAIL LISTS, FORUMS, MESSAGE BOARDS, AND NEWSGROUPS
I hope you'll join them and take advantage of the wealth of information, skill, talent, and generosity to be found in the Painter Community. 
A Gift from Jeremy Sutton - http://www.portrayals.com
Brushes React Differently to Paper Texture in Painter 7
written by Jeremy Sutton - posted 9/3/01
A Series of Steps You Can Follow, Demonstrating How Painter 7 Brushes React Differently with Paper Texture than They Did in Painter 6 and Earlier 
(Tip: user your browser's word search function and search for paper texture.)

A Gift from Karen Sperling - http://www.artistrymag.com
Painter 7 Watercolor Quick Reference Guide - PDF
written by Karen Sperling - posted 9/3/01
This is a Great Tool for Simplifying the Painter 7 Water Color Settings and Taking Some of the Confusion Out of the Learning Process. Thanks, Karen! 

Liquid Ink Lighting - How to Adjust

Jin's 1st Brush - download .XML file
Take a look at my first try at playing with this brush.

A Gift from Steve Friedman - http://www.digitalartmasterworks.com
Realistic Watercolor Effects with Painter 6 and 7
An interesting and effective way to create a watercolor painting from a photo using a very neat technique.

Accurate and Quick Canvas Size Reduction
(Alternate to Using Crop Tool)
Since we can't enter a minus value in Canvas Size, this is a very basic and easy method to use until a better one comes along.

Basic Mosaic Seamless Tile Tutorial
(For examples, see the Mosaics Section of PixelAlley.)

Lower Left Image Window Icons

Mixing Two Colors on a Brush to Paint Hair

Painter 7 Letter Keys to Activate the Tools Palette Icons 
(Also useable with Painter 6 and earlier versions, this tutorial is best used with one found in the PixelAlley Odds 'n' Ends Tutorials section, that explains what each tool does. See Learning the Tool Palette.)

Painting Snow
(Also useable with Painter 6 and Painter 5/5.5, this is a set of tutorials for painting snow on ground or hills and for painting falling snow. They are very basic so feel free to improve on them if you want to.)

File Size and Image Quality Demonstration
Saving Images for the Web with Decreased File Size and Loading Time

PC and Mac Equivalents
Painter 7 Folders and Files
Information supplied by Painter Program Manager Tanya Staples
on January 14, 2003, written for Painter 7

Jinny Brown September 3, 2001
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