Painter 7 Letter Keys to
Activate the Tools Palette Icons
also useable with Painter 6 and earlier versions
written by Jinny Brown - e-mail
© 1994 - 2002

In response to a recent question about using the Rotate Page tool, I included a list of letter keys used to activate Tools palette icons. Here, I've included screen shots to make it easier to remember the icons and corresponding letter keys. I hope this will be helpful to Painter users visiting PixelAlley. 

Most of the Tools palette icons are the same in earlier versions of Painter, except for the Perspective tool icon, only available in Painter 7, and the earlier version Text tool icon (shown below) which is different.

I use the "E" key to activate the Rotate Page tool. After using it to rotate the image, a single click anywhere in the image returns it to the upright position.

Here's a list of the letter keys used to activate all of the Tools palette icons from left to right, beginning on the top row, then across the bottom row from left to right. In the screen prints, each appropriate tool icon is indented. Where there are tools hidden below another tool, the tool icon is highlighted in red or, for the earlier version Text tool, the icon is indented.

  • M = Magnifier
  • G = Grabber
    • E = Rotate Page
    • "." = Perspective (that's a period)

    • This tool not available before Painter 7.

  • C = Crop
  • L = Lasso
  • W = Magic Wand
  • P = Pen
    • Q = Quick Curve
  • I = Rectangular Shape
    • J = Oval Shape
  • B = Brush (Freehand)
  • V = Brush (Straight Lines - not represented by a separate icon in the Tools palette



    In the Controls:Brush palette you can, instead of using "V", click the Straight Lines radio button when the Brush tool is active)

  • K = Paint Bucket
  • D = Dropper
  • R = Rectangular Selection
    • O = Oval Selection
  • F = Layer Adjuster 

  • (Painter 5.5 and earlier, Floater Adjuster)
    • S = Selection Adjuster
    • H = Shape Selection
  • T = Text



    Earlier version Text tool icon:

  • Z = Scissors
    • A = Add Point
    • X = Remove Point
    • Y = Convert Point


Jinny Brown, June 1, 2002

©1994 - 2002, Jinny Brown

All Corel Painter screen prints on these pages are used with permission from Corel Corporation.