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Painter 7 Visual Guides 
by Corel Painter Developer John Derry
Click this link then be sure to read the messages below two of the links to John's Visual Guide PDF files that you are welcome to download and enjoy..
Painter 7 Findings - Tips and Facts
Look for:
A Painter 7 Watercolor Quick Reference Guide - PDF
by Karen Sperling

Brushes React Differently to Paper Texture in Painter 7
by Jeremy Sutton

Painter 7 Tutorials - A Beginning
The following list of TUTORIALS may grow in the future, as questions arise and experience, knowledge, and time permit. 
I hope you find them helpful. At bottom of this page, you'll find a list of my favorite PAINTER-RELATED E-MAIL LISTS, MESSAGE BOARDS, AND NEWSGROUPS. These contain a wealth of information, short on-the-spot e-mail tutorials, e-mail tutorial series, links to online tutorials, and inspiring web sites that contain member artists' galleries.

Painter 5 and Painter 6
These tutorials and demos are gradually being updated to include text for
both Painter 5 and Painter 6. Though some do not include text for both versions, with a little experimentation and experience, they can be worked in both versions.

Includes text for both Painter 5/5.5 and Painter 6 or version is irrelevant
Includes text for both Painter 5/5.5 and Painter 6, can also be used for Painter 7,
or version is irrelevant
Includes text for Painter 5/5.5, Painter 6, Painter 7, and Painter 8

Includes text for Painter 5/5.5, Painter 6, Painter 7, Painter 8, and Painter IX

Includes text for Painter 5
Includes text for Painter 6
Includes text for Painter 7
Includes text for Painter 8
Includes text for Painter IX

Feel free to e-mail me with comments. Thanks. :o)

Listed in order of Appearance
See the purple dot for Painter 7 Tutorials

Learning the Tool Palette
This tutorial is best used with a newer one, also listed below, that teaches you the:
Painter 7 Letter Keys to Activate the Tools Palette Icons 

 "Erasing" on a Transparent Layer - (Transparent Layer Masks)
NOTE: See related tutorial - NEW July '01 - named: 
Basics of Using Layers (Floaters/Transparent Layers) 

Creating and Painting Over Text Paper,
Composite Method, and a Pencil Sketch

Pen Tool - Bezier Curves
(How to Trace a Curve and Use the Shape Selection Tool)
  Getting a Rusted Look Around the Edges of a Shape

Alphabet - an Example and General Description of
How the Image was Created

Creating a Shape
(How to Create a Closed Shape)

Adding a Balloon Effect to Shapes

Transparent GIFs
Making a Selection Over a Web Page Background Image Using Painter 6

Demo (a Few Pages)
Using the Pen Brush, Pattern Pen and Soft Edge Pattern Pen Variants

Impasto Effects - "3D" Brush Strokes

Tutorial and Samples (a Few Pages) - 4-point Perspective Pattern Fill

Floater, Transparent Layer, and Textured Canvas
(PSD to Corel PhotoPaint 8 - Floaters/Objects Intact

JPEG Copy Test - Demo

Increasing Image Dimensions vs. Increasing Image Resolution

The Golden Mean

Creating Recessed  and Engraved Text - Three Pages

Creating Brushed Metal (Two Pages - Two Methods to Create the Texture) 

Using Color Sets

Distorting Drop Shadows

 Text with a Multicolored Glow

Printing an Image in the Maximum Printable Area of Your Paper

Saving an Image in the Painter 6 Image Portfolio
(or Painter 5 Objects:Floaters Palette)

Creating and Using E-maps as Reflections on Text,
Dynamic Text, and Selections

Drawing and Capturing a Brush 
and Creating a New Brush Category

Capturing a Gingerbread Man Brush

Using Dynamic Layers' Kaleidoscope (Painter 5 - P. Float Kaleidoscope)

Preparing Line Art with Gaps and Using Cartoon Cel Fill Method

Creating Custom Color Sets

Basics of Using Layers (Floaters/Transparent Layers)
NOTE: See related tutorial, near the top of this list, named: 
"Erasing" on a Transparent Layer - (Transparent Layer Masks) 

Resampling to a Higher Resolution and Size

Basic Mosaic Seamless Tile Tutorial
(For examples, see the Mosaics Section of PixelAlley.)

Lower Left Image Window Icons
("Locator" Pop-up icon not available in versions earlier than Painter 7)

Mixing Two Colors on a Brush to Paint Hair

•  Painter 7 Letter Keys to Activate the Tools Palette Icons
(Also useable with Painter 6 and earlier versions, this tutorial is best used with one found in the PixelAlley Odds 'n' Ends Tutorials section, that explains what each tool does.)
See Learning the Tool Palette, also listed above.

•  Painting Snow
(This is a set of tutorials for painting snow on ground or hills and for painting falling snow. They are very basic so feel free to improve on them if you want to.)

A Few Ways to Mix Colors
(This is really a collection of tutorials and includes some tips on mixing a good green.)

•  File Size and Image Quality Demonstration
Saving Images for the Web with Decreased File Size and Loading Time

  - NEW - August '04 -
Creating Frames for Your Paintings.. in Painter!
(A tutorial originally written and shared on a couple of message boards in June, 2001,
then rewritten in August, 2004 to include instructions for several Painter versions.)

Illustrator 8

Drawing Tips
(Tutorial - Includes Some Instruction for Photoshop and Painter)

Netscape Composer

Building a Basic Web Page
Tutorial Created in, and Written for Netscape Composer (Version 4.61)
in Windows - Should be Translatable to Mac Without Much Trouble

Painter Community Links
now have their own page!
Take a look here.

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